95% R.O.I.

Would you be willing to invest in something that would yield a 95% return on investment?  In some economic models you could argue that no investment that yields less than 100% or more is worth it.  In the model that I am about to describe it is a very good deal – because it involves the work of our presbytery and in reality there is a greater R.O.I. than merely 95%.  Let me explain…

The mission of the Presbytery of Boise is funded by Mission Support from each congregation.  A Mission Support Form was emailed to churches recently and each Session (governing body) is asked to pledge an amount to the work of the presbytery and the Synod of the Pacific.  The Synod of the Pacific returns ninety-five percent of the pledge to our presbytery.  The remaining five percent is added to a “partnership pool.”

The “partnership pool” is made up of this remainder from each of the presbyteries in the Synod of the Pacific (11 total) plus the amount of mission grant funds received by our Synod from the General Assembly of the PCUSA.  A portion of the interest income from our Synod’s Loan program is then added to this pool.  Roughly 3% of this pool is deducted to create an “Opportunity Fund” or money available to any group desiring to fund a special project within the Synod of the Pacific.   The remaining “partnership pool” is then divided equally among the 11 presbyteries of the Synod.

So, in reality, a 95% return on investment is incorrect.  We generally receive a 102% R.O.I.  That is, if you only consider your giving in economic terms.  There is another consideration for this kind of investing…

Why would our churches do this kind of investing?  We participate because it is one means of demonstrating our connectional nature with churches throughout our Synod.  We encourage this type of giving because it demonstates to the individuals in our church that mission extends beyond what a single congregation does.  We need this kind of investment because the mission funds we receive enable churches to offer ministries that they would not otherwise be able to afford.

This has been another tough year for our economy.  Housing and employment are still shaky.  An uncertain holiday season looms.  However I believe that God continues to bless the work that we are called to do.  I ask those who serve as congregational leaders to consider prayerfully and in faith  set an example of trust when considering your church’s support of mission in Boise Presbytery.

Thank you for what you do and thanks be to God for what you contribute.


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