On voting

I almost didn’t vote today.

The reasons not to vote were too numerous to count much less elaborate here. Suffice to say, negativity in campaign rhetoric, was a pretty key reason to avoid the ballot box altogether. A pretty nasty race for a neighboring congressional seat was enough to make me sigh and pray that the madness would soon be over. Anger seems to be the by-word of the 2010 campaign and the idea of civility in politics is nowhere to be seen or heard. So I had planned not to vote!

I voted today. Despite the ranting advertisements accusing this or that candidate of being too liberal or too conservative or out of touch, I voted. Why?

I voted because I want my voice to be heard. It may be a quiet one, but I’ll bet there are many others just like me who have something to say but cannot be heard over the drone of the political machine.  Those voices can be heard as we express them by the power of the ballot.

I voted because it is my responsibility to participate in our democracy. I owe it to my children, to my neighbors and to the public officials of our nation and state to participate as fully as possible.

I voted because I live in a place where I can express my viewpoints. I consider the places around the world where a voice is excluded because of race, gender and even faith. I give thanks to God for the freedoms I enjoy and for those who believe it is their calling to public service.

Now that I’ve voted. It is my responsibility to pray for those who are elected today.

I almost didn’t vote today. But…

Did you?


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