A Blessed and Merry Christmas to you

I’ve shared with you  this week a series of stories from the fictional Third Suburban Presbyterian Church.  These stories come from imagination and reality as they intersect in ministry and faith and the wonderful mystery and gift of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

This has been an important year in my own ministry.  I am honored and humbled to be called by the Pastors and Elders of the Presbytery of Boise to service as Presbytery Executive.  I am excited by the new opportunities for ministry within the churches of this presbytery.  I give thanks to God for the work of faithful and dedicated Pastors and Sessions as they support the work of the presbytery.

This has been a year of change.  The Presbytery of Boise said good-bye and Godspeed to several of our ministers – to Brenna Stanfield as she moved with her family to Spokane; to Mark Davis as he began a new ministry in Lexington, KY; to John Murphy whose service to the Kirkpatrick Church ended this year and to Curt Naeve, who served as lay pastor for the King Hill church.  The presbytery said welcome to other new pastors – to Brian Grassley who serves as Associate Interim Pastor at Covenant; to Zane Buxton who serves as Interim Pastor at First Boise.

This has been a year of exploration.  We now have three persons who have heard God’s call to ministry and are actively pursuing ministry under care of the presbytery.  JoAnn Thiry continues her distance studies at Dubuque Theological Seminary.  Nikki Cooley is attending Louisville Theological Seminary and Christian Johnson has completed his studies and is working with the Committee on Preparation on ordination requirements.  Nick Van Santen remains under care of our presbytery as he seeks a call to ministry.

This has been a year in which we have truly acted like a family.  We have worshiped together and discharged the business of our presbytery faithfully.  We have celebrated milestones in congregations such as King Hill’s centennial celebration.  We have disagreed with one another at times but through it all we have never stopped loving one another in Christ.

As I recount things that have happened this year, I am reminded that we are so very much like the folks of this fictional church.  We have many joyful moments. We have skills and talents individually and collectively.  We have shortcomings and frustrations.  In all things, God works through us to accomplish God’s will for our community.  May the coming year be filled with wonderfully new opportunities for you and your congregations.

Thanks be to God for you all!


2 thoughts on “A Blessed and Merry Christmas to you

  1. Thank you, Edward, for all the work you do. Your care and concern for our Presbytery is obvious and welcomed with all our hearts. You have created an office that is accessible and open to suggestions, questions, comments, desires and requests, which if not granted, we will know why not.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, and prayers for God’s Peace and Love to surround you.

    Carol Brunlinger

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