Getting or Living Ready

Buried in the New Year’s edition of the local newspaper  was a story about a young woman who believes that Jesus will return sometime in May, 2011. Her prediction is based on 2011 being the 5000th year since the Flood (found in Genesis 6-9). I admit to not looking into the dating of the Flood too closely but cannot understand the connection between the Flood and the Second Coming.

This young woman is not the first nor will she be the last to announce the date of the return of Christ.  Others, before her, have been disappointed when the predicted date came and passed. Whether or not this woman’s prediction will come true remains to be seen.  What would it mean for the world if Jesus were to return?  What will the Son of Man find when he returns?

The real issue is not “getting ready” for Jesus to return but “living ready” as though each and every day is the day when Christ would return.  Jesus taught his disciples (you and me included) to live ready for that moment because no one knows the hour, not even the angels, when the second coming would occur.  Getting ready suggests that a person need download a check list, or perform some single act and then wait for the outcome.  “Living ready” is a process inviting us to journey into our faith.

What a glorious day it will be when Jesus returns.  What a miraculous day it is when we live into faith as Jesus calls us to do.  Live ready…


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