Remember!…winter is still with us.

The temperature reached 64 degrees this week: twenty-four hours later it was snowing!

The weather wisdom literature this time of the year has to be, “Wait a few minutes, it’ll change.” Imagine what the folks in Oklahoma have felt in the past week: one day the temperature was a bone chilling -31 degrees and a few days later it was summery 79 degrees; a temperature difference of more than 100 degrees in a week. Strange, huh?

Our Bible in 90 Days class is now reading the Wisdom literature portions of the Bible. As we made our way through the first portion of the Old Testament the term “justice” appeared to be the byword however, the justice that I read about seemed to be harsh at times. I’ve come to realize that sometimes “justice” is not fair because it is based on the subjective – on what I determine to be just.

Now we’ve moved into readings that emphasize the notion of “wisdom.” More specifically, God’s wisdom, which is in contrast to human wisdom. God’s wisdom far exceeds ours. Human wisdom is limited since we are, after all, finite creatures.

This week’s weather plays havoc with me.  The warmer temperatures make me long for spring and I find myself looking at weather maps envying those parts of our country where warmer temperatures prevail.  The snow and cold that follow the warmth seem so unfair.  Yet given our geographic location in a high-desert climate make the snow and cold essential to our survival.  Without the snow and enough of it life in our desert environment would be much more difficult.

The idea of justice and wisdom falls short of God’s justice and wisdom but I suspect that we receive glimpses of it despite not fully understanding it.  Who among us can understand the diagnosis of cancer, or the evidence of starvation in the world?  Then again, who among us can explain how God would come to us in the person of God’s son, and give up his life for us?

Thank you, God for being an all-wise Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer who knows what we need even before we are aware of the need.  Now…if we could just do something about the weather…Oh, wait, here comes the sun!


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