Hope for the church

As 2012 began, the Moderator and Vice Moderator assembled a group of Ruling and Teaching Elders to talk about their participation in the Presbyterian Church. We are able to be a part of their conversation through a video and to read the outcome of their meeting in a letter to the church. A link to the letter and video can be seen at the following: http://www.pcusa.org/news/2012/1/12/eight-leaders-urge-congregations-rethink-leaving-p/

While the news service titles the article as an urging to congregations to rethink leaving the denomination, I think it is more important that we read the letter and watch the video as testimony and evidence of the hope for the Presbyterian Church.  I encourage you to read what they share regardless of your position – to stay or to leave.

I have hope for the Presbyterian Church.  I believe that God has more for us to be and to do.  I see the hope for our denomination as I read and get to know the young leaders who are hearing and responding to God’s call to ministry and leadership.

The sharing of this letter and video cannot come at a more critical time.  Next week’s meeting, called a Covenanting Conference, may feel like a distancing event or as the first step in a contract negotiation.  It is my prayer the Holy Spirit will work at uniting us and at giving us hope for the church who serves Jesus Christ.

I have hope for the church.  I have hope that faithful Christians can experience how God desires that we all be one and begin working on how to keep us together despite our differences.


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