A new day

My grandmother kept a sign with the following prayer on her kitchen wall,

“Oh Lord, fill my mouth with worthwhile stuff and nudge me when I’ve said enough.”

I realize that I’ve said quite a bit over the past few weeks about the Fellowship of Presbyterians, the Evangelical Covenant Order and others.  I don’t know how worthwhile my thoughts have been and when they haven’t been, I pray for forgiveness.  Yesterday I had the chance to share my observations with pastors and elders of Boise Presbytery.  There was something freeing about that opportunity; maybe it was God’s nudge that I’ve said enough (for now).  So here’s my thought on this new day…

I admit it…I’ve been consumed by frustration over something I cannot control. I shared in a public forum my angst over what I believe to be a wrong move by the Fellowship/ECO group. Again I am not in control.

The issue of control lies at the heart of much of what we do or what happens. Original sin is about disobedience and control. Humanity seeks to control humanity; humanity seeks to control God. Maybe every reform movement is an attempt to challenge control, to exert control or to take control.

As I continue to reflect on my participation and time at the Orlando meeting I recognize how I’ve allowed something that I cannot control to “control” me. Now it is a new day.

It is a new day therefore I must acknowledge that it is God who is in control. I must also remember that God has called me and gifted me to serve Christ in ministries to the very best of my ability. I must remember that the Church is inspired by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ for the salvation of humankind.

This is a new day. I cannot allow myself to be consumed by anger, resentment or jealousy toward others who seek to be faithful to the call and gifts that God has given them.  Therefore I will be engaged when and where God can use me to build up God’s Kingdom.

This is a new day.  May God give me worthwhile things to share…and Lord let me feel the nudge when its time to be quiet.

(NOTE: My grandmother’s birthday was yesterday.  She died far too young from cancer, but her faith has been among the most significant and influencing part of my life and faith journey.  I am certain that the nudge I felt yesterday was the brush of her angel wing.)


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