Tweets, Posts, Status updates: A Centennial Moment

Abraham Lincoln is credited with the line, “It is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.” Whether or not he said it, I like the implied message of this proverb. It is better to think about and think through what you’ve got to say rather than blurt it out.

This blog post is my 100th entry – my centennial moment in writing and sharing in the world of www. How many words of inspiration have I shared? Which posts were nothing more than published rants about things that were happening at the time? Was there a post that taught my readers something? Enough of the Hamlet, “to be or not to be” existential monologue.

Social media has certainly made the written word important in our lives. Every day I get tweets from addresses beginning with @ or hashtags #. I log onto Facebook and read the autobiographic narrative of friends. I read the blogposts of people who I would not know  except through the “likes” and “shares” of my friends.

One hundred articles later, I find myself thankful to those who have read this blog.  I am surprised and humbled by the growing number of folks who have subscribed and receive these messages.  Pass this link along to others who might like to read the musings I post.

Critics of “social-nomics” lamented the disconnectedness of facebook, twitter, myspace and other social media forms.  While there is a danger of drifting into me and you being connected only by the invisible stuff of the world wide web, there is also a deepening of the connection between us.  Tweets, posts and status updates have reconnected us with friends from the past.  They have allowed us to share the deepest pain and the greatest joys in our lives.  They have inspired us to write once more.

Granted the way we write today probably makes English teachers cringe: C U L8r certainly wouldn’t cut it with Mr. Parks in sixth grade, but then again Mr. Parks would have never imagined sharing thoughts like these using a computer and website with a selection button that says “publish immediately” to a potential audience of millions.

I celebrate the writing of 100 blog posts today.  It is a personal celebration but a celebration nonetheless.  Now the work of the next hundred articles begins and will happen over time.  I am pleased that you have taken the time to read these words and to read the narrative that has been my life.

I also celebrate the opportunity to read your story as well.  So keep tweeting, posting and updating your status…until next time, C U L8r!


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