GA 220: Preparing for Pittsburgh

It is a little more than three months before the 220th General Assembly of the PCUSA convenes in Pittsburgh. General Assembly meetings are the biennial gatherings of Presbyterians where business is conducted, worship of God is offered, and where a distinctive part of the body of Christ fellowships with one another.

This year’s meeting is going to be a significant one in the life of our denomination. The actions recommended by the 220th General Assembly will be future-shaping for Presbyterians. Some of the issues being considered are,

  • the definition of marriage
  • healthcare benefits for same-gender couples
  • the future of Synods and Presbyteries
  • statements about relationships with people of other faiths and nationalities
  • changes to constitutional language governing ordination of officers

Commissioners to the 220th GA in Pittsburgh have begun receiving registration materials and will receive more information about the business before them this summer. Over the coming months they will begin the process of reading, studying and digesting huge amounts of information in preparation for their work in committee and in plenary.

While those who prepare to attend this meeting as Commissioners or Advisory Delegates, those of us in the local presbytery and church can prepare for this important meeting by offering words of support to our Commissioners and remembering them in our prayers.

I’ll share more on this blog as preparations continue.  I’ll be posting reports on the GA meeting during the time we are in Pittsburgh.


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