Fad, Revolution, or something else?

How does your family room look? If it’s the typical family room, the furniture is arranged in a way that focuses attention on the television.

Our current house has a built in ledge above the fireplace for the tv. Critics of the television in the 1950s deemed it a fad and labeled its product as a “vast wasteland.” Just look at us today!

We find ourselves in the midst of something called the age of social media. The tv set may still be king but more and more people are turning to their ipads/tablets, iphone/smartphone, and computer to fill our days and nights. TV manufacturers are producing sets that that keep our attention as we utilize social media. If you don’t think social media is important to consider, watch this video:

Church leaders can learn how to use social media and will have an opportunity to talk with local pastors, youth leaders and others about ways that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are being used in the Treasure Valley and beyond.

For my Boise area readers:  If you are interested in learning more about using social media as a tool for ministry and as a way to share your congregation’s mission.  The workshop will take place May 19 at NNU in Nampa.  For more information  and sign up for the Social Media Workshop go to the following links:  


register: http://socialphonics.com/register/?ee=30


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