Commencement season

We’re in the throes of commencement season: the time of year when young adults don gowns and tasseled, mortarboard caps preparing to walk from one school to another, or from school to the marketplace.

My fondest graduation memory was 5 years ago when our youngest child was finishing pre-school and heading to the rigor of academia known as Kindergarten.  As each child was recognized for this achievement they were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up.  My son, didn’t miss a beat when it was his turn…”I want to be Yoda when I grow up.”  A surprising and ambitious goal, it is!

My other graduation memory is related to my own. “Do not think that you have arrived” was the charge to my graduating class at the Presbyterian School of Christian Education.  The professor who delivered the charge before we were sent out into the world and the church reminded us that while a Commencement ceremony celebrates an ending, a commencement also means “a beginning.”

I extend these words to those who are in the midst of a commencement. Be grateful for where you’ve been.  Your experiences have helped to shape who you have become.  Embrace where you are right now.  This moment is one to celebrate what you have accomplished.  Do not fear what lies ahead.  You do not walk through life alone.  Remember that this moment is not the end, but the beginning!


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