A bit of bragging…

Imagine the feeling of being notified you’ve just won the Nobel Peace Prize or you open the door to find the guy from Publisher’s Clearing House standing on your porch. I know that feeling!

NOW WAIT….I didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize and the only thing Publisher’s Clearing House sends me are notices that I have more chances to win.

I know the feeling because my kids give me reason to feel that way. They may not recognize it or acknowledge that its a big deal but the fact remains. I am very proud of who they are and what they are becoming. It is a feeling that I hope every parent might have about their children.

Today, our oldest was awarded Outstanding Male Student of the year. The faculty and freshman class assembled for the annual award ceremony for achievements by the outstanding students this year. His name will be engraved on a plaque in the school.

My daughter, an 8th grader, excels in her school work and sports activities. Her greatest gift is the care and compassion she shows. Last evening she spoke about her concern for a fellow student who will be performing in a school talent show. My daughter wanted to see that her friend be given the proper respect she deserved.

Our youngest son is a bundle of energy, a joy and the fountain of youth for his dad. He is a child who sees no barrier to friendship. He has formed bonds with classmates and teachers, with old and young alike. He is the spice in life.

What’s a parent to do except brag about his/her kids? Mine are fantastic and make me feel like I’ve just won the best prize ever.

May God bless all parents and children with the ability to love and be loved in return.


2 thoughts on “A bit of bragging…

  1. I thought it was just yesterday when your three little ones were running around the Grosse Pointe Woods Presbyterian Church. — What a blessing it is to watch them grow and become all that God intends them to be,. Miss the Dunn family. Patti

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