Heading to Pittsburgh this week!

Ok, I’ve got to stop grousing about traveling to Pittsburgh. I realize that travel by air is not always a fun thing these days – the lengthy security lines and inconvenience of scanners or pat-downs can be frustrating; crowded planes and fees for everything short of oxygen and seat belts. Then there’s a group headed to G.A. named Team Sweaty Sheep.

Sweaty Sheep is a worshiping community originating in Louisville. Team Sweaty Sheep, a group of three persons including my friend Philip Lotspeich, is making the 450 mile trip from Louisville to Pittsburgh on bicycles. Now that’s either dedication or lunacy! You decide.

While I’ll arrive via an airline whose name can also be a compass direction, and Team Sweaty Sheep will arrive on bicycle, you can also head to Pittsburgh too.

I’ll begin posting my own musings about G.A. events and business as the meeting unfolds. You can also follow the plenary sessions via live video stream or listen to audio summaries.  Go to  http://oga.pcusa.org/section/ga/ga220/ to learn more about how to do this.

Now I’ve got to find that suitcase…


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