Traveling mercies

As I made my way to Pittsburgh last Friday, I reflected on the number of people it would take to make my travel safe, smooth and on time. While it is the destination that becomes foremost on my mind, my arrival happened because there were folks who would service the plane, who would make sure that my luggage is loaded and those who will guide the pilots through the skies to our destination. I appreciate the quiet service to me and others. Even though I do not know their names, I thank God for them.

I watched picture after picture of the Assembly meeting hall being set up and I also realized how many other folks in Pittsburgh who are quietly working to make sure our trip is fun and our work is accomplished. The crew who set up tables and chairs. The electricians and technology providers who lay miles of cable that we might be connected to the work of the Assembly. The hosts who will provide us with guidance and refreshment during our stay.

Now that it is Sunday and we’re all here, I add others to my list. I give thanks for the saint who found my suitcase in the street and then went out of her way to return it to me at my hotel. (Another story is coming on this one!). I give thanks for the care of the hotel staff who will keep my room tidy while I am working. I give thanks for those who will make sure that the needs of commissioners and delegates to the Assembly will be met.

I am thankful for the congregation of East Liberty Presbyterian Church where I will worship and be fed today.

God is good!


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