Lost and Found

The parables of lost and found things in Luke 15 took on a new meaning for me this week. The parables are about lost sheep, coin and child and the rejoicing that takes place when they are found. I know something about rejoicing over that which was lost but found.

I arrived in Pittsburgh Friday evening and boarded a shuttle bus to the downtown hotels where G.A. commissioners and delegates and folks like me were staying. Our bus arrived at the first hotel where the first passenger disembarked. After helping this passenger with her luggage, the driver boarded the bus and off we went.

Twisting and turning our way through downtown Pittsburgh on a busy Friday night, we were nearing the second hotel. While waiting at a signal light, a stranger knocked on the bus door and said, “Do you know that your back door is open?” The bus driver grimaced. The passengers became silent.

Sure enough, the door latch to the luggage compartment had not caught. The driver returned to her seat with the news that it looked like some luggage may have fallen out. She was going to weave her way back to where we started to look for the lost…

So our bus ride on Friday night in downtown Pittsburgh continued. As we made neared the beginning of our hotel loop, my cellphone rang.

“Hello, Is this Rev. Dunn?”
“Rev Dunn, I have your suitcase. It was lying in the street. Cars were swerving around it and I picked it up and I have it. Where are you?”

By this time, not only was the suitcase lost – I was too!

The bus resumed its journey to our hotels where within a few minutes of my arrival, I had an encounter with an angel or at the very least a saint who delivered that which had been lost but now was found.

How great was my rejoicing that day.


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