Reflective Experimentation

One of the key terms that came from the report of the Mid Council Commission is the phrase “a season of reflective experimentation.” The MCC used the phrase in conjunction with recommendations that Synods be repurposed as mid council governing bodies, that non-geographic presbyteries be allowed and that the church enter into a season of reflective experimentation.

The report of the MCC was not approved by the GA but a continued season of reflective experimentation remains for us to consider. There will be at the very minimum a General Assembly task force that will continue inviting us to consider adaptive and creative solutions for this new era.

I did not agree with the report of the Mid Council Commission. I believed that it penalized those synods whose structure is effective such as the Synod of the Pacific. I felt that our voices had not been heard. Yet I am pleased that we are continuing to consider how to be reflective and experimental. I look forward to opportunities for making our synod and the presbyteries responsive to the needs of everyone in the service of Jesus Christ.

What does a season of reflective experimentation look like? It includes the creation of the new, the appreciation of the familiar, and the courage to test ideas and celebrate the successes and learn from the failures.  It invites us to set our vision on the future yet keeping an eye on the past.  A season of reflective experimentation will make us feel joy and fear, hopeful and grateful.

Let’s consider ways to be a part of a new season of reflective experimentation. I welcome your ideas and suggestions.


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