Where are you, God?

We woke this morning to tragic news out of Colorado where a gunman has killed 12 people and injured scores of others – either physically or emotionally. It is a time like this when even the most faithful cry out, “Where are you, God?”

“Where are you, God?”
my cry arises from a heart – broken and confused
Longing for safety in a world of violence.

“Where are you, God?”
as I hold a friend in my arms – grieving
Seeking comfort in our mutual grief.

“Where are you, God?”
as relationships crumble – mistrust and anger
Forging alliances rather than partnerships

“Where are you, God?”
in a world that is hurting – hungry and unjust
Crying out for a sign that you care.

“I am here, my child”
in the midst of tragedy I bring hope and promise
Found in the hands of those who provide aid to victims.

“I am here, my child”
when you grieve I give you comfort
Felt in your embrace of another.

“I am here, my child”
when others feel far away I offer reconciliation
Listen and be willing to risk with your heart!

“I am here, my child”
when things appear to be out of control, I am in control
Watch the trees not the forest!

“I am here, my child”
I never left you, I never will and when it seems I left you,
Turn your gaze upon the cross.


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