“For all the Saints…”

This Sunday (October 28) is Reformation Sunday and the following Thursday (November 1) is “All Saints’ Day” on the Church calendar.  The Protestant/Reformed church acknowledges the faithful contribution of the leaders such as Martin Luther and John Calvin.  The commemoration of All Saints Day becomes an opportunity to remember and offer thanksgiving to God for the saints of the local congregation.  Who are the saints you remember today?

There are many “saints” who have helped shape my faith.  There are the women and men who taught me the first lessons of faith – I am a child of God who loves me.  There  are the people who bravely served as leaders of our youth group and who helped us stretch and grow in our developing faith.  There were the ministers whose unremembered sermons influenced my sense of call to ministry.  There were the seminary professors and colleagues who carefully and patiently pushed, challenged and helped me affirm my faith in Jesus Christ so that I might become a congregational leader.

Some of these saints now rest from their labors. They have entered the Church Triumphant where they join an unending chorus of Alleluia.  Some of these saints are in service to the church today preaching and teaching, guiding and mentoring others in faith.

Thank you, God, for placing these persons in my life.  As I remember them during All Saints Day, may my voice join with theirs singing “Alleluia” for what you have given to me, to the church and the world.


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