Remember where you came from…

Wheels touch down and restlessness is evident as passengers gather their belongings. Tom and Betty felt the eagerness to de-plane as much as their traveling companions. Row 19 had been pretty quiet for the final hour of the flight.

Exiting the plane, the pair met up as they made their way to the baggage claim area. Betty struggled with her carry-on and purse so Tom offered to help. Betty gratefully offered the handle of the carry-on as the two made their way to the escalators leading to baggage claim.

Betty’s son waited near the carousel. Tom noticed the glow of happiness shining around him – he was, after all, a new dad for whom the future was bright. Betty was equally thrilled to see her son and the two embraced while Tom stood awkwardly, still holding Betty’s carry-on bag.

“Oh my!” Betty suddenly was aware of her fellow traveler, “Tom, thank you for your help. This is my son. He’s the papa of my newest angel, Sophia”

“Thank you for helping Mom.” he said. “You’re welcome. Have a great holiday!” Tom replied.

It wasn’t until that moment that Tom had fully embraced the notion that the holiday season was approaching. He wasn’t that callous or Scrooge-like but this year’s schedule had been so busy that he’d never really considered that the holidays were indeed here.

When their luggage was retrieved, Tom and Betty parted ways, never to see one another again. Tom watched as the red plaid sweater lady disappeared into the night accompanied by her son.  Tom would now begin his journey home.

What would he find there?…


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