“The way I see it…”

We woke up to yet another winter snowfall in Boise this morning. Actually it began snowing on Monday and increased in intensity during the night. The result: approximately 3-4 inches of new snow.

For the record: I do not like winter. I especially do not like a snowy winter.

Shoveling driveways and sidewalks becomes a necessity in a snowy winter.  To begin, it is required under an ordinance: shovel your sidewalk or pay a fine.  It is also a practical reality: snow that is packed by cars or underfoot becomes ice.  While ice in a glass of tea is nice, ice on a driveway is not.

So here’s what my post-shoveled driveway looks like;


And here’s what my pre-shoveled driveway seemed to be;


Perception and actuality are sometimes quite different.  My driveway is actually about 50 feet long, but at 6 a.m. is perceived to cover the same distance as an airport runway.  By tonight I’m sure my body will be telling my mind that it was an airport runway I shoveled.

I am reminded that ‘the way I see it’ can be very different from the actuality that exists.  Yet it is also ‘the way I see it’ that leads me to action.   I must learn to listen and respect ‘the way you see it’, for it is your perception that leads you to action as well.  Sharing our perception – “the way I see it” – is at its worse; divisive.  It turns relationships into me versus you.  It uses the term “like-minded” to set us apart from one another.

Sharing our perception – “the way I see it” – is at its best; unifying.  It becomes an invitation to share what we perceive and to hear as other share their perception too.  It can become an opportunity for ‘me and you’ to be in relationship with one another even when we don’t agree or see from the same perspective.

Just sharing the way I see it!


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