Those ‘inversion’ blues

“Now is the winter of our discontent…” seems the appropriate line to describe this winter season. When compared with previous winters the winter of 2012-13 has felt colder, gloomier and certainly more inversion-filled than others I’ve experienced in my nine years as a resident of Boise.

The 2013 calendar year is only 36 days old but we’ve experienced an inversion for all but a handful of those days.

An inversion occurs, in a non-expert term, when a layer of clouds traps cold air near the earth resulting in a strange phenomenon making it warmer in the higher elevations than it is in lower ones.  Inversion living is best described as dwelling in a perpetually foggy place.

The city of Boise sits in the Treasure Valley of Idaho at an elevation of roughly 2500 feet above sea level.  The temperature at 4:30p.m. (Mountain Time) is 36 degrees. The ski resort at Bogus Basin (approximately 16 miles from Boise) at a summit elevation of 7400 feet had a high temperature of 44 degrees today.  Who would have thought that you’d have to go up the mountain to get to warmer temperatures?

A ‘winter of discontent’ it has been especially if winter is not your favorite time of year.  Even the most diehard fans of winter are showing weariness as we endure an endless string of foggy days.  How many days can one afford to spend on the ski slopes?

   Yes, I’ve got those ‘inversion’ blues.  Those make you look at travel brochures, consider equatorial mission work, is it a.m. or p.m. cause I can’t tell the difference at this time of day? those crazy ‘inversion’ blues!

Soon, fellow inversion aversion dwellers! Soon, the gloom of this inversion will pass.  Soon the clouds will part and the sun will re-appear overhead to warm our valley floor.  Soon the shades of gray that have us feeling blue will give way to the marvelous sky blue followed by the first hint of spring’s magnificent green.  Soon…oh so very soon!


One thought on “Those ‘inversion’ blues

  1. The joys of living snuggled against a mountain range (when you can see it). But it sure does make spring all the more welcome!

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