Did you see that?

I read an NPR article on inattentional blindness which I found interesting. I did a small amount of video research and found the following YouTube video.


Inattentional blindness is a psychological response that every one of us possesses.  In short, when we are asked to perform a challenging task, our attention will narrow to the point that we oftentimes block out other significant things.

What issues or events have been the focus of our attention in the church and our churches?  What have be been blinded to because we’ve been so focused on certain tasks?  Who have we missed in sharing the gospel because we are concentrating on the interpretation of the gospel?

The four gospels include several occasions when Jesus encounters and opens the eyes of people who are blind.  I’ve read and studied those encounters and admit that my own inattentional blindness would keep me focused on the miraculous restoration of sight when maybe the real miracle was the restoration of vision.  Imagine what we might see when we move – only by God’s grace – beyond our own inattentional blindness.


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