Campfire stories

One of the traditions of camp is the nightly campfire. I imagine that when we gather at campfire we continue a primitive yet vital tradition that includes storytelling. Some campfire stories are tales of ghosts or crazed murderers lurking in the trees. Other stories recount the history of a family passing along and through time. There are stories that are quite humorous and some that will bring a tear to the eye. Yet in every story there is an opportunity to learn.

This year, as I led campfire for the 5th and 6th grade campers at Camp Sawtooth I told a story about two friends -Isaac and Claudio – who lived many generations ago but whose life stories could be the stories of the young people seated at our campfire. Throughout the week I invited each of our cabin groups to share I the telling of the story and each night they did not disappoint. What they did was to engage in making our story their own. That is, in my opinion,the work of evangelism. Making the community story of faith and Christ their own story.

Throughout the next few days I’ll begin to retell the story of Claudio and Isaac for you too. Along the way I’ll include an excursus into the fantastic and magical twists the campers shared with me.

It should be fun. Stay tuned!


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