Having fun with our weather!

Here’s my submission for a news article with a different point of view:

Boise, ID – Worried residents of Idaho’s Treasure Valley woke Thursday morning to a strange, yellowish glow in the eastern sky. Long-time residents commented that they could recall a similar phenomenon in previous years. “I can recall seeing this happen as recently as 2013”, commented one longtime resident who refused to be identified. Authorities from the local meteorologic society cautioned residents not to panic in light of the unusual brightness and eerie warmth given off by the yellow object.

Lines, however, formed at local gas stations as panicked drivers sought to fill up their cars and boats and ATVs in advance of what some considered to be “different times ahead.” Local grocery stores couldn’t keep bread, chips, milk, soda and beer on the shelves in the wake of the impending double whammy in which this weather system and a Super Bowl football game are forecast this weekend.

Hardware stores report an increased number in the sales of generators as residents either  fear the loss of electricity or the need to generate electricity to power television sets on outdoor patios this weekend. “We usually don’t sell a single generator this time of year,” said Tom, the manager of the local hardware store, “but this morning a couple came in a bought one.” No reason for the purchase was given however.

Government offices and retail businesses remain open during this time and school officials report that students and teachers should report at their regular time despite the bright weather conditions. Principals and teachers are encouraging the use of sunglasses and parents are advised to purchase sunblock in the event weather conditions persist.

New residents, Barbie and Ken, were surprised to learn that Boise was located in a valley. “We didn’t realize there were hills and mountains surrounding the city.”  The city will begin a new marketing campaign touting Boise as one of the top 10 cities surrounded by mountains in the spring of 2014.

Stay tuned for further details on this developing story…


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