“The sun’ll come out tomorrow” Annie sings as she considers her situation and indeed by story’s end the sun shines on the pint-sized heroine. If only we knew the ending of the story….

Tomorrow morning I board my flight to Detroit where I will attend the 221st General Assembly. My check in is complete. My hotel reservation is made. My bag will be packed later today. All these things are certainties yet there remains that nagging uncertainty named “tomorrow.”

What will take place during this General Assembly? How will issues of same-sex marriage, divestment, mid-councils, and several other items before this Assembly be received, discussed and debated, and decided or recommended to the presbyteries for their vote?  The answers to these questions may or may not impact the “tomorrows” of the Presbyterian Church.

We cannot escape the “tomorrows” of life – those unknown events that can result from the actions of today or even from circumstances over which we have no control.  That is where faith comes in. I have faith that God knows my “tomorrows” and the “tomorrows” of the Presbyterian Church.  God has a design for the future that is based on love for me and the Presbyterian Church.  It might be a design that makes me feel at ease or it might be a design that reveals how much stronger I or the church can be.

I am, despite my uneasiness with the unknowns of tomorrow, excited about those opportunities.  Our presbytery is in the midst of seeking a new vision for its missional and organizational future.  Several of our churches are exploring creative ways to minister within their communities.  I rejoice that the Spirit is on the move within the Presbytery of Boise and that our tomorrows are possible and encouraging.

Similarly, I am encouraged for tomorrow within our denomination.  Each day I read about new ventures in ministry and a redefining of the church.  No longer are we able or looking to “bring them to Christ” by which we mean securing a new member for the church’s rolls.  Instead churches are embracing a tomorrow that is more concerned with “taking Christ to them” by which we forge a relationship with God that meets people where they are.

So tomorrow I board a flight to Detroit where I will watch and wait for our “tomorrows” to unfold.  See you there!


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