Final Episodes

As a general rule the final episode of popular TV series are a let down. The networks hype them to generate a larger than average audience share that night. If I watch it, I usually feel disappointment with how it comes to an end. That said, the best segment in a series ending is in MASH. I remember watching it in reruns several years ago.

The portion that strikes me as the best is the interaction between the two lead surgeon-characters. One is all for doing the emotional work of saying good-bye and the other refuses to acknowledge the farewell that the end of the war and the parting of their unit.

Steadfastly refusing to say good-bye, it isn’t until the final scene as one speeds away on a motorcycle and the other boards a helicopter that we see the word, Good-bye, spelled out in rocks on the hillside. He did care and he found a unique way to bid farewell to his friend and the viewer alike.

I have come to my good-bye to Boise and the Presbytery of Boise today. I’m actually writing this post in flight from Boise to Detroit via Minneapolis. I’ve tried to say farewell and good-bye to as many people in Boise as I can. I missed as many people as I got to see and tell goodbye because time has a way of racing when you get to the final days and hours. I’d done very well with the stoic farewell until the past two days having convinced myself that there was enough time. I regret that I didn’t get to arrange the rocks in time to spell it out, but I hope you will forgive me for missing you and know that I appreciate the place you have held in my life.

My leaving hit me pretty hard early this morning and the tears would not stop as I lay in bed with my mind replaying the faces and events that have meant the most to me during these past 10 years. I thought I had it under control but then the plane began its speedy launch into the skies. I couldn’t see the word with my eyes on the hillsides or over the desert floor because of the tears. I did see it in my heart and now find the tears flowing once again.

As a final episode, this one won’t get much hype nor will it generate a huge audience share. That’s okay because it is our final episode and you and I are all that matters today.

God bless and Good-bye


3 thoughts on “Final Episodes

  1. We will miss you deeply, but I’m not about to say farewell; frustrated as I get sometimes about the era of electronic communication, it’s a blessing when those we care about are far away. Peace!

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