Saying good-bye to Boise

Ten years is a long time, yet today it seems to be a fleeting moment. It was ten years ago that we arrived in Boise. Joanna had accepted the call to serve as the Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Boise. Within a few months I would begin serving as the Interim Pastor at Sterry Memorial Presbyterian Church in Roswell, Idaho (not New Mexico). Ten years later Joanna completed her service at First Presbyterian.  In the same time period I had served as Interim Pastor at Southminster Presbyterian Church in Boise and accepted the call to service as the Presbytery Executive for the Presbytery of Boise. Ten years of service seemed to speed by.

We moved to Idaho with a second grader, a first grader, and a toddler in tow. Those first months were spent settling in, getting kids acclimated to a new school, and trying to maintain a semblance of parental sanity, despite our own emotional turmoil, when the older kids in particular complained about missing friends.

Ten years later life is very different.  The second and first graders have become teenage drivers.  One is preparing college applications. The other is an outgoing, gifted singer who has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. The toddler is now a tween who loves basketball and track and who is also quickly gaining on his father in stature. Ten years later we are a changed family.

We have come to the place where it is time to say farewell to Boise.  I am not a child of the city. I am intimidated by tall buildings and crowded sidewalks. The pace of traffic and the sounds of downtown overwhelm me. It takes emotional energy for me to walk the streets of large cities. When it comes to the city streets, I prefer that someone else do the driving.

Boise isn’t like that. It has tall building and occasionally has crowded sidewalks. There are moments in the day when it has hectic traffic. However, I find myself relaxed in Boise. I realize familiarity has much to do with it but for a “city” it is a very easy place to live.


Ten years has brought change to Boise as well.  There is a new growth in the downtown area that includes buildings, a new transit center and JUMP (Jack’s Urban Meeting Place) adding to the skyline.  In another ten years the city will look very different than it does today.

Ten years ago I considered Boise a lay-over city.  Someplace where I’d hang out for a few years and then move on to my destination.  I came to Boise certain that I would never come to appreciate it and now I leave with a different opinion.  It isn’t perfect; what city is?  It took ten years but I now realize that Boise wasn’t a lay-over, it was a destination.  I am very appreciative to the city for what it has meant to me and to my family.  Thank you Boise


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