I Am That Man: Priviledge, Power, and Acountability

Another good article calling us to recognize and attend to our place in this world. Thanks Andrew for sharing.

Wrestling with Discipleship

I am preaching prophets this Advent and last week I preached the story of Nathan’s parable to King David after David used his role as king to have a man killed so that David could take his wife for himself. (2 Samuel 12)

Nathan presents a story about a rich man stealing a poor man’s only lamb to serve as dinner to a guest. David becomes incensed at this horrible violation and wants the man dead. Nathan turns to David and pronounces: “you are that man.”

The story get’s David to see in a mirror his own power abuse, his own privileged way of life, his own shedding of accountability that caused this responsible shepherd boy to become a tyrant king. And we – in that moment – acknowledge what a horrible person David is.

…whereby we demonstrate the problem… because you see, we are that that man. Instead of…

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