White Boy

Marci shares a thoughtful response to the very public and troubling events that unfold in our country. Too many of us have a narrow definition of “privilege.” A new and expanded understanding is very much needed. Lord, in your mercy, open our eyes and hearts that we can perceive your will and way in this world. Give us courage to act in ways that make “your will be done.”

Glass Overflowing

I’ve not blogged about Ferguson (or any of the many other situations in the news that reveal the way our culture still has so many racial divides). Partly, it’s because I have no idea what to say. Also, I’m a white woman in Idaho. What in the world do I know about racial tensions? Nothing. That’s what I know.

Each day I read more and more in the news and I recognize my role in this is partly to stand in witness, to acknowledge I have much to learn from people who live with fear about how they will be treated because of the color of their skin.

I also was beginning to feel that my silence about this was becoming consent for the status quo.

Neil Patrick Harris’ character, Dr Horrible, in a rant about the mess the world is in, talks about  “Destroying the status quo…

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